UP ecosoc month launch

Last night in secret fresh gallery at Ronac art center was the UP ecosoc month’s launch and they introduced their fun filled activities for this month that will be the best month you’ll ever have because of them. I will be updating about their future events and parties that will be held this month. UP ecosoc have so much in store for you guys so watch out for it! so last night me and my fellow ambassadors dani baretto, ira giorgetti,raleen cabrera and ellie centeno were introuced to the the whole UP ecosoc community and i am really glad that they welcomed us with a blast! btw the gallery was so cool and awesome so me and my fellow bloggers took the opportunity to have an impromptu “photoshoot” lol.

btw there was a cow behind us. hahaha!

we felt like we’re in tokyo!!!!! how i missed tokyo! :(

the awesome painted wall! these photos were taken by ira giorgetti

outfit shot time! lol. ira taking dani’s outfit shots. Here are some cool stuff from the gallery. :)

It’s so cool!!! do you agree? so im suggesting you guys to drop by their gallery cuz it’s so nice and they really have some awesome stuff out there! :)

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