Summer Twigs

Hey guys! I’m currently in the airport right now writing this blog post and I i’ll be in manila when I publish this post (wala lang…mashare lang haha!). It’s such a bright,fun,sunny,hot and (add more summer-y noun here) summer for me. I stated my summer going on a trip with the family in bali Indonesia and I must say that It’s one of the best experiences I’ve done! I love the place,the food,the people and the lifestyle there! I just want to go out of the house wearing only my swimming shorts,tank top,slippers and cap, that is my current state right now but no….I’m in manila again and I can’t wear something like that on a normal basis or else people around me will judge me and mistaken me of someone who didn’t take a shower haha! I think I said this in one of my Instagram post or I think I told this to one of my friends that I want to live in bali and look like a local there and I don’t want to get white, I just want to stay dark and look like those local surfers in bali. haha! Forgive me for saying this here lol. Anyway, since I’m back in manila I think here’s an outfit post that can pass to beat the heat but still in a laid back balinese style comfort style! Hope you guys would like this one! :)

Aviators ( Urban outfit MNL), button-down(the ilustrados), tailored shorts(Straight forward), shoes(Zara), bag (H&M),watch(Calvin Klein), bracelets(Shoes strings attached)

Wore a gradient vintage aviators to match my bright sumerr-y outfit. Been wearing a lot of vintage aviators lately and I think that’s because I’m getting old. lol. i’m just kidding. I just love the oldschool style. let’s bring back the funk! 

Told you guys i’ll be wearing more printed tops like this one from The Ilustrados. It really is perfect for summer. :)

bracelts from Shoes strings attached

Also another summer essential is getting a nice summer-colored tailored shorts like this one from Straight forward! I love the summer collection and it even matches their newly released Bamboo glasses! Check ‘em out!

Bag from H&M

Photos by Harrold Carreon

Menjungan Adventure

So…after a while I finally decided to post something that can be worn in the beach. lol. I guess this isn’t really an outfit post because it’s just basically my swimming shorts with my button-down cover up. lol. Anyway, yesterday I went to Menjungan Island, it’s a little Island known for diving and snorkeling since it is known to have the best coral reef in Indonesia. I must say that the underwater camera rental,getting dark and the hours of road trip was all worth it! I can’t wait to share with you guys my underwater photos soon! haha! I feel like a kid again! The adventurous me snapped out of nowhere! Anyway, what do you guys think about this beach-friendly outfit(sort of)? haha!

cap(H&M), aviators(Coolcats MNL), button-down(Ilustados),swimming shorts(Pull & bear), flipflops (havaianas)

I juts love going to tropical countries and wear something tropical and not looking like Lito Atienza (lol). I hoarded so much button-downs like this one for my bali trip so you guys should watch out for more tropical and filipino inspired button-downs like this one from The Ilustrados.

cap from H&M

Flipflops from havaianas. What I also love about summer is that I can wear flipflops everywhere! Finally a break from wearing shoes. It’s a breath of fresh air…for my feet! haha! and of course as you can see even my flipflops are tropical! 

Photos by Harrold Carreon

What’s your Fledge?

Hello from Bali Indonesia, Finally got here safe! So…what to do now, hmmm…any suggestions? well, I’m planning to go to different temples and try some authentic indonesian food here. Yeap! Food is the first thing on my mind huhu…goodbye beach body. lol. Anyway, I’ll make this post quick before I leave the resort! Wore this outfit to a lunch date with a bunch of happy friends at Todd english food hall in SM aura, when dining in a place like this I usually wear something really crisp,clean and preppy but then the sun’s heat just made me decide to wear something laid back and I think it’s something okay to do because like what I said on my previous posts that summer is all about laid back dressing, right? haha! So, what do you guys think about this look? yay or nay?


Aviators (Ray-Ban), button down (Fledge), cuffed pants(Topman), roshe (Nike), watch(Calvin klein), bracelets( Shoes strings attached)


Loving the prints on this button down from Fledge, I also love how this top is made to have a good fit on any body types and the fabric is lightweight! It gives an instant cooler because it’s not made from those super thick fabric that will make you sweat so this one’s a good buy for this summer season!


Been wearing a lot of rastaclat-inspired bracelets like this one! I love how all the bracelets I got from shoes strings attached match my wardrobe. haha!


Photos by David Guison